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ArtToday on-line clip-art and font archive.

Absence of Ugliness Rick Altman's look at desktop design.

Alexander's Creative Conundrum contains topics such as 3D, Photoshop, Plugins, Actions, filters, multimedia, and more.

American Institute of Graphic Arts The purpose of the AIGA is to advance excellence in graphic design as a discipline, profession, and cultural force. The AIGA provides leadership in the exchange of ideas and information, the encouragement of critical analysis and research, and the advancement of education and ethical practice.

American Museum of Papermaking internationally renowned resource on the history of paper and paper technology. In addition to more than 2,000 books, the Museum features a remarkable collection of over 10,000 watermarks, papers, tools, machines, and manuscripts.

Art Center College of Design is an international center for art and design education located in Pasadena, California. An independent, nonprofit, four-year college, Art Center offers a bachelor of fine arts or bachelor of science degree in nine majors

Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating professionalism in the field of visual communications. Formed in 1953, the Club is dedicated to educating our members about design and the professional aspects of design, and educating the business community which uses our member's services about the power and value of good design.

Building a better interface Jakob Nielsen, David Kleinberg, and Jared Spool share opinions in this interview.

Center for Creative Photography is a museum and research center devoted to photography as an art form offering public printviewing from the photography collection, research archives, changing exhibitions, educational programs, a library, online publications, and a museum shop.

Communication Arts Magazine World's largest magazine on creativity for graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, photographers, illustrators and multimedia designers.

Cross-Platform Web Design on the Mac this article from is a discussion of how to simulate a PC on your Mac so your pages will look great everywhere. By John Bancroft.

Design by the Moon Design education is shown here with examples for all media. is Australia's leading on-line design magazine focused at print, multimedia and web design.

Design ideas and recipes contains step-by-step design projects from

Designer's Guide to the Internet This site, and the book it is based on, attempts to raise the right questions, and propose answers that will help us design our information future. While the site only has excerpts from the Book's contents, it also has does things the book Designer's Guide to the Internet, can't do. Explore the site for free, and, oh yah, buy the Book!

DesignLink Online Resources for Creative Professionals

DesignPoint Designpoint is a graphic design practice specialising in traditional and electronic publishing. Formed more than ten years ago, the company quickly became a pioneer in digital layout, illustration and image manipulation. Designpoint provides solutions in the following fields of graphic design

DesignSphere Online If you are involved in commercial design, illustration, photography, new media, lithography, printing, art, advertising, or providing hardware or software to businesses in these areas, then DesignSphere Online is for you.

Digital Creativity Magazine that keeps you on the leading edge of the digital imaging revolution.

Digital Design Online Digital Design Online is an independant entity catering to the graphic arts.

DocB's WebDesign Clinic is a Step-By-Step Guide to Effective WebSite Design. This ongoing series of brief articles will guide you from planning through execution of your site.

Document Design Online journal explores the constantly evolving boundaries between text and graphics, authors and readers.

Dreamlabs DreamLabs is a small organization devoted to the facilitation and promotion of Information Interchange at the individual and community level.

DreamInk Digital Design Design tutorials and resources for building an effective, faster-loading website. Guidelines for design, optimizing graphics, color and style, focused content, and navigation. New articles are added bi-weekly.

GetInfo Newsletter ASAP's resources for graphic arts professionals.

Graphic Artists Guild promotes and protects the economic interests of member artists and is committed to improving conditions for all creators of graphic arts and raising standards for the entire industry. The Guild is an egalitarian union that embraces all creators of graphic arts intended for presentation as originals or reproductions at all levels of skill and expertise.

Graphic Arts Technical Foundation headquartered in Pittsburgh, the (GATF) serves the graphic communications community as a leading source of technical information, education, and services about lithography and other printing processes. The Foundation is a nonprofit, member-supported, and member-directed organization. The dues for U.S. and Canadian-based companies range from $350 for companies with annual sales of up to $1 million to $4,000 for companies with sales over $150 million. The dues for companies based in other countries range from $250 for companies with annual sales of up to $1 million to $3,500 for companies with sales over $150 million. The annual dues for teachers is $40, and the annual dues for students is $30.

Graphic Design Samples A Print Portfolio

Graphix Designer's Studio contains graphics resources, free ../images, downloads, plugins, fonts, tips, backgrounds, and more.

Kai's Power tricks and tips These are HTML versions of Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Adobe Photoshop. They are written by Kai Krause, of Curved Space*Design, who agreed to make them available on the Internet.

Medical Artists' Association If you have an interest in Medical Art, or a user and purchaser of illustrations, check it out.

Michael J. Sullivan's Scanning Tips Website Michael J. Sullivan is partner and artistic director of Haywood & Sullivan in Quincy, Massachusetts, an award-winning full-range design firm that excels at communication design using various media.

Missing Things: International Design Competition Funny, attractive, comfortable, practical, entertaining.

Portfolio specializes in providing clients with artistic, creative, and visual talent. Portfolio is different from headhunters and personnel agencies, since they do their own testing to pinpoint qualifications in computer and technical areas. They also maintain locations in major cities across the country. Additionally, if you would like to register with Portfolio, you can do so here.

Secrets of the Web design masters is an article from c|net featuring interviews with some of the masters who have created the most visually exciting and thought-provoking sites on the Web.

Tips on Outputting Your Electronic Files DO's & DON'Ts On Sending Files To A Printer / Service Bureau For Output by Julian Foster.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Graphic Designer From ADCMW

Top Ten Web Design Tips is a collection of brief tutorials, bug alerts, and general advice on HTML and its extensions, Web page design and layout, browsers, and web graphics from Dmitry Kirsanov.

Warren Idea Exchange Resource for the graphic arts community.

Yale HyperText Style Guide This manual describes the design principles used to create the pages within the Center for Advanced Instructional Media's (C/AIM) World Wide Web site.

Zen and the Art of Desk Top Publishing By Brian Gawor.

TravelCams - Watch worldwide webcams and discover wonderful touristic destinations

IpTrip, Travel the world over IP webcams and discover wonderful touristic destinations


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